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The Victorious Christian Network - Christian Articles, Books, Bible Studies and SermonsClick Image To Visit SiteWhat People Ask About The Church – Index Can Real Miracles and Wonders Occur Today? Do Signs and Wonders Validate Man of God? Does Size Matter to a Church’s Success? Glossary of Church Terms How Believers Should Handle Disputes and Offenses How Can I Help the Spiritual Climate of My Church? How Can I Recognize a Genuine Man of God? How Can I Select a Good Church? How Come a Pastor Only Has to Work One Day? How Did Jesus’ Disciples Become Called Christians? How Do I Decide to Change Churches? How to Avoid Getting Hurt in a Church Is It Necessary to Be a Church Member? Is It True That Some Churches Handle Snakes? Should Ministers Receive Pay for Their Ministry? What Are Deacons? What Are Elders, Bishops and Pastors? What Can I Do to Be a Help to My Church? What Does It Mean to Call for the Church Elders? What if I’m Not Getting Fed by My Church? What Is a Charismatic Church? What Is a Dysfunctional Church? What Is a Fundamentalist Christian? What Is a Liturgical Church? What Is a Pentecostal Church? What Is an Ecumenical Church? What Is an Evangelical Church? What Is Church Government? What Is It Like to Be a Pastor of a Church? What is Meant by “Traditional Values?” What Is Meant by the Church Fathers? What Is the Church? What Is the Mission of the Church? What Things Contribute to Church Stability? What’s a Church”s Most Important Doctrine? What’s Difference Between a Church and a Cult? What’s Most Important About a Church? What’s Most Requirements of Church Workers? Church Technology Church Sound Mixing Church Sound System Operation Using Microphones for Ministry Using the Internet for Ministry

What’s the Church’s Greatest Challenges? What’s the Difference, Protestants and Catholics? What’s the Qualifications of a Minister? Why Are Churches Associated With Cannibalism? Why Are Churches Considered Nonprofit Orgs? Why Are Churches Considered Nonprofit Orgs? Why Are Ministers Called “Reverend?” Why Are Most Services Based Around Preaching? Why Are Preachers After Everybody’s Money? Why Are So Many Dishonest Church Leaders? Why Are Some Ministers Called “Parsons?” Why Are There Different Views About Spiritual Gifts? Why Are There So Many Hypocrites in the Church? Why Do Churches Baptize People? Why Do churches Emphasize Church Growth? Why Do Churches Have Constitution and By-laws? Why Do Churches Have Different Ways of Worship? Why Do Churches Hold Revivals? Why Do Churches Practice the Lord’s Supper? Why Do Churches Require Premarital Counseling? Why Do Churches Stress Authority? Why Do Churches Teach People to Give Tithes? Why Do Churches Teach Spiritual Accountability? Why Do Churches Use Offering Envelopes? Why Do Churches Use the Bible For Teachings? Why Do Many Churches Oppose Halloween Why Do Most Christian Churches Meet on Sunday? Why Do So Many Churches Have Splits? Why Do Some Churches Forbid Women Preachers? Why Do Some Churches Speak in Tongues? Why Do Some Churches Turn Persons over to Satan? Why Do Some Churches Wash One Another’s Feet? Why Is… Read more…

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