Crystal Healing

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Essential Facts On Crystal Healing

Various minerals as well as crystals are usually placed round fully clothed individuals so as to induce deep relaxation and help in induction of sleep and stress relief, and also to promote energy balance. Crystal healing takes roughly one hour and the crystals are used either singly or sometimes in patterns. They are put on the particular areas experiencing pain, on acupuncture points or on subtle energy vortexes. The energy vortexes are called chakras.

Just how does the treatment work? One would ask themselves how the placement of crystals affects the well being of an individual. It is usually believed that there are no such things as miracles, just laws of physics that are not yet discovered. Well, these precious stones have the ability produce vibrations of energy. There placement in a watch for instance makes the battery to send constant charge through them. The charge is absorbed by the gem, then afterwards releases it at precise rates used for maintenance of perfect time in the watch.

A crystal is able to affect the electro-magnetic energy fields and subtle bodies that usually permeate the physical body. Among these are etheric, emotional and mental perspectives that are generally referred to as aura. They absorb, direct and diffuse fields of energy in the body and thus allow for diseased or out of balance parts find natural rhythm again. The gems may be placed on the main chakras, which are seven. They look like different colored wheels that are spinning and run to the midst of the torso.

These chakras aid in linking the subtle energy fields with aspects such as emotions, body organs as well as physical circulatory flows. This explains why when one wears certain crystals like yellow citrine, they get uplifted, rose quartz eases heartache and amethyst induces sleep. Thus knowing the different crystal colors and their effects helps to solve a myriad of problems. It is essential to remember that crystals that have the points facing away from the problem area serve to move energy away from that area. Those with the points facing inwards normally recharge the body.

The promotion of crystal therapy is presently being used in prevention or cure of physical illnesses and the symptoms that come with them. It is made use of in relief of chronic ailments, states of anxiety and also facilitates post-operative healing. The main way in which the healing occurs is through support of the natural healing process of the body.

Does the technique work or is it mere gimmick? Well, one of the ways to prove its working is to try it on an animal, a plant or even a small child. These are chosen because they need not any belief in the efficacy of the therapy, and nor can they understand the therapy. Research done with cats suggests that one particular cat always went to sleep on its owner with one paw on the crystal pendant he was wearing. A grey parrot also normally asked for a crystal to be rubbed on its back. The parrot can tell whenever a crystal is placed next to its cage, even in instances when the cage is wrapped.

In the case of a child or animal, they are placed around them. It is however more convenient to place them on photos of the child or animal for a given period of time. On the other hand, some gem essence may be added to their drinking water. The essence needs to be processed in a way advised by the experts. Pearl for instance is vital in calming traumatized children or animals; emerald helps cats that keep vomiting whereas ruby considerably improves energy.

One may wonder whether there are crystals that clash in case they are used together. In general, warm colored crystals like ruby and garnet stimulate the flow of energy. These warms colored stones are usually red, orange or yellow in color. The cool colored ones like amethyst and malachite calm over activity. Therefore, using the two forms of gems would merely make their effects to cancel out. This would make the treatment null.

Crystals can also enhance the energies of the surroundings. Clear quartz may be placed on top of electronic devices like televisions and computers. This is so because they are known to create electronic fields that affect our energies in a big way. They stones ought to be cleaned regularly to ensure there is no build up of electromagnetic energy. The crystals can also be put on windowsills for deflection of dangerous external energies like those coming from electricity substations. Of importance to remember is the fact that the crystal points should face the direction of the source of the dangerous energy.

People that want to use the crystals on their own may wear them as bracelets, necklaces or pendants. The time taken for effective healing to take place may be long because the stone is in contact with only a small portion of the body. Crystals like turquoise or iolite are worn on the chest for protection against adverse psychic energies. As earlier stated, one may also place the gems on their pictures for a given period of time.

Can the wrong crystals harm an individual? Just like in most medications, the only way stones can bring harm is if they are in the wrong hands. Care needs to be taken in looking for healers. In the event that one is not able to get recommendation from a previous client, spending some time with the healer may be important. This may serve to build some trust and confidence. The crystals ought to be bought from reputable suppliers if they are to be effective, and should be cleansed before use. If it gets to such a time that one feels they do not need certain crystals around them, then it may be time to discard them.

The choice of stones for crystal healing should be well advised. One should preferably spend some time in making a decision on what works best for them. If not so, then an expert will probably come in handy. One thing is for a fact though; crystal therapy indeed works.

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The Confident Mindset


Do you want to reach your goals in life in order to become successful? Your answer will be obviously a big YES, right? But the question is, do you have enough or strong confidence to achieve your target? You must keep in mind that having confidence is the most effective formula to fulfill every important step that will lead you to a better career, business and status in life.  And you can do that effectively if you will use effective techniques that can positively change every aspect of your life in no time. How? All you need to do is to learn how to enhance your self-confidence by mastering all the methods of ‘The Confident Mindset’ so you are able to change the course of your destiny accordingly. In short you must attain a powerful mindset to overcome all the negativity that can affect your plans.

The Confident Mindset is an eBook that provides effective ways to unlock your innate confidence so you are able to face and conquer every task or challenge that will come on your way. This only means that every topic or advice in this book is quite important because you are able to apply it to your own life in order for you to reap the success that you eagerly want to experience.

So if you really want to be freed from your negative mindset, then this is the perfect time for you to grab to opportunity to master ‘The Confident Mindset’ eBook program so you are able to acquire great confidence while upgrading your life in a major way!

Now that you know the right key to unlock your self-confidence to achieve your desired outcome that can make you feel completely happy and contended with your life. Don’t let this amazing opportunity to pass you by. Download this eBook program as early as you can so you are able to start your way boosting your self-confidence!

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Developing Psychic Powers


Did you know that you are blessed with different psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, mental influencing and so much more? This only means that psychic abilities are not only limited for the chosen ones. It is because every human and even the animals around the globe are gifted with natural psychic powers. Many people are not particular about these amazing supernatural abilities, because they thought that psychic ability are only belong to the selected or chosen people.

But now that you know that you also have psychic powers, all you need to do is to learn the best methods that can awaken and enhance your innate capacity. How? All you need to do is to equip yourself with informative and useful knowledge that can effectively develop your special power accordingly. And the easiest way for you to unleash your psychic abilities is to complete a ‘Psychic Power Secrets Training Course’

The Psychic Power Secrets Training Course is a book with 41 chapters that will teach you everything you need to know that can strongly develop your own psychic powers. Every chapter of this book provides important and advanced techniques for beginners like you that can extremely awaken your natural powers that can make you become a great psychic medium in the near future. Amazing isn’t it?

So if you really have the desire to practice your psychic abilities, then this training course program is the best choice to develop your own psychic powers. Once you have completed all the chapters from this amazing book, your mind will be filled will extraordinary knowledge that can make a better psychic.

Now that you know the ultimate key on how to unlock your psychic power, then this is the best time for you to grab the chance to get a copy of this book so you are able to start your way practicing your super powers!


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Solfeggio 639Hz Suite


Are you currently dealing with stressful relationship that needs to be developed or healed? We all know that having relationship problems can strongly affect our physical, mental and even spiritual state. So if you want to avoid these horrible things in your life, then you must include sound therapy on your daily life such as ‘Solfeggio 639Hz Suite’.

The ‘Solfeggio 639Hz Suite’ is one of the best healing frequencies that specially designed to help address every person’s relationship issues in order to make a particular person to get over broken trust, hurtful words and painful memories. Yes, mending a broken heart is not easy but if you will apply the ‘Solfeggio 396Hz Suite’ on your daily life, it will be easier for you to handle whatever relationship problems you have right now.

Every Solfeggio Frequency program has specific or unique method to heal any person that needs effective and fast therapy that can make him/her anew in a positive way. This only means that the ‘Solfeggio 639Hz Suite’ is undoubtedly helpful when it comes to any relationship issue. So if you really want to be completely healed from your awful relationship experience, then you must give in to these extraordinary Solfeggio sound frequencies. All you need to do is to listen to this program so you are able to attain the great benefits of this healing frequency in no time.

Once you have deeply obtained the healing from this special sound therapy, you will definitely notice the great changes in your life. It is because your mind setting and feelings will be changed for the better. In short all the negativity and unnecessary emotions in your head will be vanished!

Now that you know the advantages when you listen to ‘Solfeggio 639Hz Suite’, this is the perfect time for you to download this program so you are able to start your way developing and healing your relationship to the person or people that really matter in your life!

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Audio Crystal Therapy


Did you know that Audio Crystal Therapy is one of the best ways to cure multiple imbalances in the body? In fact, this amazing healing therapy is quite flexible and usable to any age. By listening to these crystal frequencies, you will surely attain optimum health in the long run. It is because every time you’ll listen to any type of crystal therapy frequency, you will feel relaxation that can help reduce your stress, recharge your energy and many more.

There are lots of Audio Crystal Therapies that can be used to address your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Every crystal frequency has a unique power or capacity to heal the human body. For example, if you want to enhance the blood circulation in your own system, then you can try the Sapphire Frequency. This only means that you also need to be specific to your purpose so you are able to pick the right crystal therapy that can fulfill your personal needs.

Once you have listened to one of our ‘Audio Crystal Therapies’, you will surely appreciate the outcome of this extraordinary sound healing power to your own health. And with continuous use of our crystal therapy, there is no doubt that you can boost your health or entire system.

The Audio Crystal Therapy is proven effective and safe. So if you are looking for a relaxing method while conditioning your health, then this is the perfect method and answer to your health problems. You can visit our page so you can choose the right crystal frequency to your needs. You can also avail our free sample downloadable audio crystal therapy.

Now that you know the benefits of ‘Audio Crystal Therapy’, grab the opportunity to apply this technique on your daily life so you are able to reap limitless health benefits!


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Control Anger


Do you get angry quite often? Did you know that getting angry easily is not normal and it’s not good to your emotional health? If you can’t control or manage your anger it might lead you to unpleasant violent reaction that can undoubtedly destroy your good relationship to the people that close to you. So if you want to avoid unwanted and unnecessary conflict to anyone, then you have to start learning and practicing on how to control your emotion whenever you encounter bad circumstances so you are able to fix the problem without getting angry to a certain person. And you can easily and effectively do that if you will allow yourself to add a good meditation or to listen to frequencies that can calm your mind and emotion while reducing your stress and tension on your mind.

In this article, we are giving you the opportunity to save yourself from numerous conflicts, pressures and stress. How? All you need to do is to include the ‘Control Anger’ gamma max brainwave entrainment on your daily life. All you need to do is to listen to these amazing frequencies with or without headphones.  You can also listen to this program even if you’re busy or asleep. This only means that this program is quite flexible on your daily life. The ‘Control Anger’ is obviously one of the best ways or solutions to your uncontrolled anger.

Once you have listened to this special sound healing therapy, you will surely notice the great changes of your mood or temper whenever you encounter unavoidable problem or situation.

Now that you know the advantages of adding this wonderful sound therapy on your daily activity, this is the perfect time for you to download this gamma entrainment program so you are able to start your way controlling your anger naturally and effectively!

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The Health Mantra


Are you looking for the best natural ways to enhance and manage your overall health? Or have you tried numerous diet and exercise programs but still failed to achieve your health goals?  If yes, then maybe it’s really time to switch to the most convenient and safest methods that can help and guide you to attain healthy lifestyle without depriving yourself from the food that you want to eat and torturing yourself in the gym. Yes, there is another way for an effective technique that can keep you physically and mentally fit. And all you need to do is to explore to different yet effective method that can make you naturally healthy.

The Health Mantra is the answer to your health goals. This is one of the best health eBook programs that provides informative technique to help every person to obtain his/her desired or intended health goals. By adding this on your daily life, it will undoubtedly make great difference and satisfying outcome to your health. Just be sure to master all the tips on this wonderful health guide program so you are able to reap multiple health benefits that you deserve.

Once you have mastered and applied all the amazing health guide from ‘The Health Mantra’ eBook program, you will surely notice the effectiveness of this health methods to your entire system. So if you really want to enhance your health and life for the better, this is the perfect time for you to try this extraordinary health program. This clearly means that ‘The Health Mantra’ has the capacity to cater all the health needs or issues of every single person.

So what are you waiting for? Download ‘The Health Mantra’ eBook health program as early as now so you are able to start your way achieving overall balance, health and wellness in life!

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Ultimate Performance Blueprint


Every person wants to achieve his/her ultimate ambition or goal in life in order to be successful. It is because attaining success can strongly open unlimited opportunities that will benefit his/her entire life from today onwards. However, there are some people claiming that they already did their best to reach their goals but it’s still hard for them to obtain the best outcome that they expected .This may be the reason why many people give up or easily discouraged after they gave their best.

If you think that you are one of those people who already gave their best shot but still failed, then maybe you should learn and try new methods that can help you carve out the dream you always wanted. Yes, there are effective techniques that can make you effortlessly triumphant. How? All you need to do is to master the all the techniques of ‘Ultimate Performance Blueprint’.

The ‘Ultimate Performance Blueprint’ is an eBook program. This can be considered as the best success compass that will guide you to a brighter destiny of your life. With this amazing program, you are able to attain extensive accomplishments. It is because the ‘Ultimate Performance Blueprint’ provides effective tips that can be applied on your daily life that can strongly motivate you to focus on your target and to prevent unnecessary and unwanted mistakes in order for you to achieve tremendous success more than you ever thought! Amazing isn’t it?

Now that you know the great advantages if you will include ‘Ultimate Performance Blueprint’ on your daily life journey, this is the best time for you to download this extraordinary life-changing program so you are able to start your way achieving your biggest goals in life!

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