crystal healing

Crystal Healing

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Essential Facts On Crystal Healing

Various minerals as well as crystals are usually placed round fully clothed individuals so as to induce deep relaxation and help in induction of sleep and stress relief, and also to promote energy balance. Crystal healing takes roughly one hour and the crystals are used either singly or sometimes in patterns. They are put on the particular areas experiencing pain, on acupuncture points or on subtle energy vortexes. The energy vortexes are called chakras.

Just how does the treatment work? One would ask themselves how the placement of crystals affects the well being of an individual. It is usually believed that there are no such things as miracles, just laws of physics that are not yet discovered. Well, these precious stones have the ability produce vibrations of energy. There placement in a watch for instance makes the battery to send constant charge through them. The charge is absorbed by the gem, then afterwards releases it at precise rates used for maintenance of perfect time in the watch.

A crystal is able to affect the electro-magnetic energy fields and subtle bodies that usually permeate the physical body. Among these are etheric, emotional and mental perspectives that are generally referred to as aura. They absorb, direct and diffuse fields of energy in the body and thus allow for diseased or out of balance parts find natural rhythm again. The gems may be placed on the main chakras, which are seven. They look like different colored wheels that are spinning and run to the midst of the torso.

These chakras aid in linking the subtle energy fields with aspects such as emotions, body organs as well as physical circulatory flows. This explains why when one wears certain crystals like yellow citrine, they get uplifted, rose quartz eases heartache and amethyst induces sleep. Thus knowing the different crystal colors and their effects helps to solve a myriad of problems. It is essential to remember that crystals that have the points facing away from the problem area serve to move energy away from that area. Those with the points facing inwards normally recharge the body.

The promotion of crystal therapy is presently being used in prevention or cure of physical illnesses and the symptoms that come with them. It is made use of in relief of chronic ailments, states of anxiety and also facilitates post-operative healing. The main way in which the healing occurs is through support of the natural healing process of the body.

Does the technique work or is it mere gimmick? Well, one of the ways to prove its working is to try it on an animal, a plant or even a small child. These are chosen because they need not any belief in the efficacy of the therapy, and nor can they understand the therapy. Research done with cats suggests that one particular cat always went to sleep on its owner with one paw on the crystal pendant he was wearing. A grey parrot also normally asked for a crystal to be rubbed on its back. The parrot can tell whenever a crystal is placed next to its cage, even in instances when the cage is wrapped.

In the case of a child or animal, they are placed around them. It is however more convenient to place them on photos of the child or animal for a given period of time. On the other hand, some gem essence may be added to their drinking water. The essence needs to be processed in a way advised by the experts. Pearl for instance is vital in calming traumatized children or animals; emerald helps cats that keep vomiting whereas ruby considerably improves energy.

One may wonder whether there are crystals that clash in case they are used together. In general, warm colored crystals like ruby and garnet stimulate the flow of energy. These warms colored stones are usually red, orange or yellow in color. The cool colored ones like amethyst and malachite calm over activity. Therefore, using the two forms of gems would merely make their effects to cancel out. This would make the treatment null.

Crystals can also enhance the energies of the surroundings. Clear quartz may be placed on top of electronic devices like televisions and computers. This is so because they are known to create electronic fields that affect our energies in a big way. They stones ought to be cleaned regularly to ensure there is no build up of electromagnetic energy. The crystals can also be put on windowsills for deflection of dangerous external energies like those coming from electricity substations. Of importance to remember is the fact that the crystal points should face the direction of the source of the dangerous energy.

People that want to use the crystals on their own may wear them as bracelets, necklaces or pendants. The time taken for effective healing to take place may be long because the stone is in contact with only a small portion of the body. Crystals like turquoise or iolite are worn on the chest for protection against adverse psychic energies. As earlier stated, one may also place the gems on their pictures for a given period of time.

Can the wrong crystals harm an individual? Just like in most medications, the only way stones can bring harm is if they are in the wrong hands. Care needs to be taken in looking for healers. In the event that one is not able to get recommendation from a previous client, spending some time with the healer may be important. This may serve to build some trust and confidence. The crystals ought to be bought from reputable suppliers if they are to be effective, and should be cleansed before use. If it gets to such a time that one feels they do not need certain crystals around them, then it may be time to discard them.

The choice of stones for crystal healing should be well advised. One should preferably spend some time in making a decision on what works best for them. If not so, then an expert will probably come in handy. One thing is for a fact though; crystal therapy indeed works.

Meditation and Crystal Healing

How Meditation With Crystals Is Accomplished

You can use crystals to heighten your meditation experience. This is because they provide different types of healing energy. There are some religions and cultures that believe that the body has several energy centers known as chakras. Each chakra links to different energies and organs in the body. There are some crystals that are believed to have healing properties. They can heal different organs and unblock the energies in the body. Before performing meditation with crystals, it is advisable that you know where and how to place them.

The hematite, which is a black stone, should be placed on your base chakra. It is situated in the pelvic region. Another stone that you will be using is the carnelian. It has a reddish-orange hue. Place it on your spleen chakra. It is located between the belly button and the base chakra.

Put the citrine stone on the area above the belly button, also known as the solar plexus. The stone is yellow in color and usually has a healing effect on that energy center. At the center of your chest, you will place two stones. They are the rose quartz and amazonite. They are pink and green respectively. Place them in such a way that they are aligned with your heart. They will help unblock your heart chakra.

Blue lace agate should be placed on your throat chakra. It is located at the center of the throat. Place the purple stone, known as the amethyst on the third eye. It is situated on your forehead between your eyes. Finally, place the crystal quartz on a pillow that is situated behind the bed. It corresponds to the crown chakra.

Once all the crystals are in position, inhale and exhale slowly until you feel as if your body is sinking into the floor. Imagine that your heart is slowing down and your body starting to float. Visualize a sun on top of your head and a bright white light engulfing you. Continue this process of visualizing energy emanating from each chakra until you feel a complete synchrony between them.

If you want to meditate with a specific goal in mind, you do not have to use all the stones. Instead, choose a serene place where you will not be disturbed for about an hour. Select what you want to focus on during the meditation process. For example, you might want to concentrate on healing, for clarity when you are stressed or to calm the mind among many others.

Select the appropriate gemstones according to your purpose. Sit in a comfortable position. You can hold the gemstones in your hands or place them in front of you where you can see them. Inhale deeply severally so as to clear the mind and start meditating by concentrating on your goals.

Once you are through with your meditation session, take some deep breaths and allow your focus to go back to normal. That is how meditation with crystals is done. All you need to do is know the healing properties of each gemstone.

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