Jasper Frequencies

The crystal/mineral structure and the human body both possess an energetic blueprint. Hence the energies of the body can both be balanced and healed through the introduction of the energetic vibration of a crystal or mineral to a body`s energy field. Using advanced scientific techniques we can identify and recreate the exact frequencies that each crystal and mineral uses to help heal the body.

Listening to these frequencies whilst relaxing can recreate the healing power of the crystal or mineral. The classic healing ability of crystal therapy has been recreated using the correct audible and sub audible frequencies. The energetic vibrations from the crystals can be used to re-align and direct the flow of energy within the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, returning them to a state of health and wholeness.

No physical crystals or minerals are required for this technique to work but you can use them if you want to.

Jasper crystals are known to be the supreme nurturer amongst all other healing crystals. In general, it can be considered as a protective crystal which does a lot like stabilizing, cleaning and grounding effects. It is incredibly a holy crystal because long before, the Native Americans have been using it. Jasper crystals are also utilized by kings and priests in ancient times. Some people say that jasper crystals are the most incredible crystals ever found in this Earth.

Like any other crystals, this crystal also has vital attributes.

Jasper crystals are not hard to find. In fact they can be seen in any part of the world – sometimes in small, formations but most of the time in large ones. They can be worn and be kept as raw crystals. They come in various colors – in fact every color and hue in the spectrum has a jasper crystal counterpart. It could come in browns, blues, yellows, greens, deep red and black. Most of the time, it is can be easily identified because of the special markings it has, and sometimes it has a lot of stripes.

According to research, it is associated with the energy of the Leo – the zodiac sign. This then translates the realm of vitality, benevolence and solar energy.

Jasper Crystals can be proven that they are the supreme nurturer since it is popular in encouraging and raising the awareness of other people as well as the necessity to shed light and improve other else’s lives. Like what is always said, life does not only belong to oneself. If this could have been the principle then the cope of living would be meaningless and very limited. Having said that, Jasper crystals tend to remind the holder that this should be the main principle in life.

During the time of the Native Americans up until now, jasper crystals are said to give benefit to people on a physical level and this stone has been proven to be effective as it is used in spiritual endeavors. What it is good at is its ability to absorb and clean the negative energy that surrounds a person. It also keeps the aura of the holder to be more at ease and away from negative influences. This is found very useful for those who undergo metaphysical work as well as for every day use.

When it comes to grounding, this crystal works best. The presence of this crystal enables an individual to reverberate  the heavy and balancing energies coming from the earth after it has dealt with higher energies.

It works great even in its simplest ways! Jasper crystals can just be kept in your pocket and be carried anywhere you want to. If you try to position it on your skin it will help you in soothing and easing the nerves. It also directs them to be in line with the energy of the jasper crystals. You can also keep a large jasper crystal inside your room where it can absorb all the negative e energies. You must bear in mind that the Jasper crystals work slow and gradually so if you plan to use them because you want to achieve something, start now.

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