Rhodonite Frequencies


The crystal/mineral structure and the human body both possess an energetic blueprint. Hence the energies of the body can both be balanced and healed through the introduction of the energetic vibration of a crystal or mineral to a body`s energy field. Using advanced scientific techniques we can identify and recreate the exact frequencies that each crystal and mineral uses to help heal the body.

Listening to these frequencies whilst relaxing can recreate the healing power of the crystal or mineral. The classic healing ability of crystal therapy has been recreated using the correct audible and sub audible frequencies. The energetic vibrations from the crystals can be used to re-align and direct the flow of energy within the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, returning them to a state of health and wholeness.

No physical crystals or minerals are required for this technique to work but you can use them if you want to.

Coming from the Greek word “rhodon” which means rosy, the crystal Rhodonite arises. Generally speaking, it can be easily identified because Rhodonite’s contain black veins which are more popular than the usual color – pink. Rhodonite crystals are usually worn by travelers and they consider this as their own protective crystals. It has been believed to give warnings in times of perilous danger. This is done by making the heart to beat in a sudden motion.

Since the Rhodonite is a very powerful and sturdy crystal it was used in the ancient history to carve anything. It can be named as well that Russians were the ones who used it extremely. They carve sarcophagus for czars as well as emperors from whole slabs. During the easter times, kids from Russia always love bartering eggs which are carved from Rhodonite.

What many people don’t know is that this crystal is considered as the crystal for self-confidence that is driven from your own heart, choices and voices. If you carry this crystal you will surely have a peaceful mind which enables you to think of decisions and answers or solutions for chaotic scenarios. Rhodonite crystals when worn will surely empower your decision making process and helps you become more disciplined in every walk or path your pursue.

It is a crystal that enables us to communicate our confidence and the way we love others on every plane possible. It highlights our ability to build and establish a rapport with the people surrounding us. Rhodonite frequencies also give a lot of feeding to the soul by seeing through the heart, the person’s service and love.

You can benefit a lot even just by holding this crystal as this will give you enough relaxation and it never fails to produce a good sense of well being. It is pretty obvious that this crystal is a crystal that brings stability and it highly utilized in psychic centers.

On a physical level, it can also cure a lot of illnesses. First of all, it decreases the stress and gives a calming effect to the mind. Rhodonite crystals are also responsible for easing emotional and physical traumas – most especially emotional scars which are wounded by previous mishaps. Moreover, Rhodonite crystals are important because they will increase and boost your self-esteem, confidence and your body’s energy level as well as the energy that is stored in the mind. If you have just experienced a traumatic and drastic event, it will help you understand and heal the grief better yet, it will help you start forgiving those who needed forgiveness.

Rhodonite crystals can aid the nervous system, assist in the works of the pituitary gland, thyroid and reflexes of the body. More than that, it will help you empower your immune system and assist your heart. Those who are victims of abrupt heart attack or any other illness related to this may have the ability to recover a bit faster and more completely if they carry or bring with them the stone  in times of their convalescence. If you have wounds and several cuts, you will notice that they heal quite fast. If the crystal is placed directly on the injured part, there will be less scarring.

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