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30 Day Reiki Challenge – Tap Your Inner Potential To Increase Your Natural Reiki Healing Abilities

30 Day Reiki Challenge - Tap Your Inner Potential To Increase Your Natural Reiki Healing AbilitiesClick Image To Visit Site“… I started the 30 day reiki challenge last monday and so far I have found it to be an eye opener in many ways. I am interested in all aspects of reiki, I think it is just fascinating! So much to learn and explore, so little time… Thank you for making this wonderful resource available to us…”

“… A short time back, I started investigating Reiki again, under that name. I’ve been nurturing Divine Energy with a focus on keeping the pathways open since I was a teen (I’m 51 now). Somewhere along the way, I got an elitist feeling about Reiki. Hope that doesn’t offend, who knows what or who gave me that impression. I’ve always felt in my heart, Divine energy, the Christ, whatever you want to call it is in everybody and everything, doesn’t need a priest or master to call it forth from us.

Learning Healing with Reiki

Learning Healing with ReikiClick Image To Visit SiteLearn Reiki facts that can change your life! A Reiki Master with over a decade of experience reveals information and techniques that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s no more need to spend endless hours searching through many resources in your quest to learn Reiki. Everything you’ll need to learn Reiki is in this 280-page ebook.

Have you often: * Wished you could learn Reiki? * Been uncertain where to get accurate, easy-to-understand information that you can trust? * Studied books, magazines, CD programs and websites to learn Reiki only to think of more questions? * Yearned for more guidance about how to become a Reiki practitioner? * Felt called to develop your healing skills? * Longed to learn Reiki so that it can help you heal and grow in all parts of your life?

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