Natural Female Hormone Care – Natural Female Hormone Care Course Description

Natural Female Hormone Care - Natural Female Hormone Care Course DescriptionClick Image To Visit SiteProducing and balancing female hormones in the female body itself is always better than providing them from outside sources. That’s because external ones may contain synthetic chemicals. Yet even if the substances are so-called ‘bioidentical’, they still bypass the body’s natural feedback mechanisms, and can generate all manner of side effects (including some that are life threatening)!

If you want to learn how to support the female body so it can balance its own hormones, and how to do so naturally, now you can! My extensive up-to-date research, training and clinical experience will be delivered to you in every lesson. You will receive:

One Natural Female Hormone Care lesson per week for 52 weeks that takes under 15 minutes ; (short lessons & big results!)

Other, unannounced bonuses and built-in surprises to assist your learning and provide you with tools you can use; plus a

Super ‘graduation’ bonus at the completion of your twelve month training that is worth a great deal.

Your credit card will be automatically billed $47 a month for 12 months. As soon as your registration is complete, you’ll receive your confirmation email with the link so you can download your first lesson immediately. Then, once a week for the next 51 weeks, you’ll receive your next lesson plus the extra bonuses along the way.

How to use 14 separate questionnaires to pinpoint distress in specific organs and systems and what to do if they need help;

Note: The material for each class has been reviewed by a number of both non-professional and health professionals, who have generously helped shape it; for that reason, especially, we think you’ll be most pleased to access this material.

All health professionals, students of the health sciences or interested non professionals are welcome to register. (Note: If you are not a health professional or studying to be one, the lessons will help you understand your female hormonal self and how it affects your overall health. They will also help you to assist your health professionals to better meet your personal health needs. It’s like having an expert mentor pick out what you need to know and guide you.)

"…an excellent contribution to the field, and one that contains both accurate and highly relevant information concerning the effective use of professionally-prescribed herbal supplements. As such it is vital for both consumers and patients." Kerry Bone, Professor, Director of Research, MediHerb of Australia

You will receive one easy-to-read and easy-to-digest lesson per week for 52 weeks. Each lesson will take you under 15 minutes to read and absorb. (Of course, you can go through each one as many times as you like.)

They are presented in bite-sized chunks, so you have plenty of time to absorb them before moving on to the next one.

You will learn all about natural female hormone care. You will also learn the language and concerns that go along with that topic. It is crucial to communication… Read more…

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