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I Quit System  - I Quit System  -Click Image To Visit SiteIt’s common knowledge how terrible smoking is for your health.  According to the CDC one in five deaths each year in the United States is due to smoking related causes.  This could be anything from heart disease to lung and throat cancers.  

In our smoking cessation practice we have seen hundreds of people who wanted to quit for a number of reasons.  Some of them are already suffering health effects such as shortness of breath, lack of energy, and worse yet, Cancer!  Others are tired of spending thousands of dollars a year on cigarettes.  In fact on average our clients burn $2,500-$5,000 on cigarettes each year!  And at the end of the day people are sick of the stench.  No one likes smelling like an ash tray.  

Within a couple of hours time most of those clients throw out their cigarettes and enjoy a happy smoke free life.  They quit quickly and easily.  This is because within a few hours at our center they learn how to use their brain in ways that overrides the cravings.  They experience a life changing process that makes it so they no longer want cigarettes.  In fact many of them report feeling as though they never smoked a day in their life!

The answer is quite simple.  They use the power of hypnosis.  Studies have shown that people who quit with the assistance of hypnosis have a much higher success rate than people who do not.  Hypnosis changes thought patterns, beliefs, and habits, by making healthy changes to how your brain processes.  This means that you can actually “unwire” the smoking habit and be done with it for good!

Along with hypnosis we also teach you easy techniques that trance-form cravings and stress into comfort and relaxation so that you know, no matter what situation you are in you have the free to determine how you feel.  After all you’ve been giving cigarettes that power for quite some time.  Isn’t it the right time to take control back?

What would it mean to you to break free of the financial, social, and health hazards of smoking?  How would you be as a person when you have already smoked your last cigarette and know that you are now free?

When clients leave their session they walk out feeling confident, self assured, and in complete control.  It’s like knowing that you are free and feeling that the future is wide open to you.  Next we ask the client if they want the cigarettes back and they say with a deep sense of pride, “No!”.  You know the sound of your voice when you are absolutely sure about something. Finally, the moment that brings a big smile to our clients’ faces, they look at the cigarette box one last time as they throw it out for good!

So the question is, are you ready to change your life?  If the the experience of our clients sounds like something you… Read more…

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