Health Meditation-Relaxation Program

Health Meditation-Relaxation ProgramClick Image To Visit SiteOver 10 years of research has gone into our Health Meditation-Relaxation Program™. The quality and professionalism of our program speaks for itself. Please sign-up for a free sample of our Quick Start Meditation Instructions and a free Guided Relaxation Exercise before you decide to make your purchase.

“The Health Meditation-Relaxation Program gave me and my husband everything we needed to jump right in to meditation and make it a part of our daily lives. Everything is laid out in a simple to follow program. Users are guided as they progress from beginner to more advanced meditation sessions. ”

“I have found The Health Meditation-Relaxation Program helpful and easy to use. The instructions make it easy to progress and set up a routine. I appreciate the choice to meditate to silence, nature sounds or beautiful music. They reflect my moods. Sometimes it is challenging to meditate in total silence, so the gentle music and nature sounds help me relax.”

“I find The Health Meditation-Relaxation Program excellent. It is set out clearly and encourages the beginner to proceed with the instructions in a non-intimidating and easy manner. It does not overwhelm the user, and encourages one’s participation and eagerness to keep using the program.”

“I was very stressed and anxious because of a test that I had the next day. I was having a very hard time studying and I couldn’t concentrate on my work. I decided to try one of the Guided Relaxation tracks from The Health Meditation-Relaxation Program. I found myself quickly starting to calm down. I felt like I was dreaming and I completely forgot about the test. Once the track was over, I no longer had any anxious feelings. I then found it very easy for me to concentrate on, and understand my work.”

Mordechai Chemel MSW, RSW earned his Masters Degree in Social Work from Yeshiva University. He studied meditation extensively in both North America and the Far East. He has worked in Toronto schools and hospitals for over 15 years, helping stressed adults and youth learn how to relax..

Dr. James Brawer ( Contributing Author) is a Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine. He earned his Ph.D. in Neuroanatomy from Harvard University.

Dr. Lionel Gerber is a Psychiatrist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Canada. He provides counselling to his clients and supervises psychiatrists in training.

Abe Kass RSW, RMFT is a registered Social Worker, award winning educator & registered Marriage and Family Therapist who runs a private practice in Thornhill.

Dr. Leo Steiner is a Clinical Psychologist who runs a successful private practice in Toronto. He uses relaxation techniques & cognitive therapy with his clients.

Our Program Has Been Designed To Provide You With All The Benefits That Medical Research Says Meditation Provides : A Happier Overall Frame of Mind , An Improved Ability to Focus on Tasks That Require Sustained Attention, A Decrease in the Negative Effects of Stress- Mild Depression and Anxiety… Read more…

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