The Warrior Spirit Path

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Part 1. Change Your Reality Now prepares you internally for creating a different reality. In this section, you learn about energy and how “enemy thoughts” limit your success and how heavy emotions drain your power and keep you stuck—financially and otherwise. You discover creative ways to get what you want by opening up your mind to new possibilities. This section lays the groundwork for eliminating that which weakens you and for increasing your personal power.

Part 2. Discover Your Warrior Spirit reveals ancient shamanic secrets about mind powers and how your mind really works. In this part, you discover the hidden powers that exist beyond your sub-conscious mind and how you can use them to break free from self-imposed boundaries that limit you. You become aware of personal demons– “enemy thoughts” that you did not know you had. You will learn how to transform these inner demons and become free to perceive possibilities that you never imagined.

Part 3. Access Your Hidden Mind Powers In 5 Ways explains the power of quieting your daily mind in order to unleash your higher mind powers. I share practices, steps and tips for tapping mind powers to grow your natural, intuitive abilities, gain life-changing insights, boost creative solutions and release negative emotions that drain your energy. You discover how nature can help you achieve life-transforming goals and spiritual growth. You find out how to use the power of words to change your reality.

Part 4. Let Go Of What’s Holding You Back shows you how to stop “energy leaks” and how to release negative thinking and harmful memories that hold you back. You won’t be able to move forward very far, if you keep repeating old patterns that keep you stuck in the past. As you clear what drains you, you’ll boost your energy and be empowered to accomplish far more in your life. You absolutely need plenty of energy to create!

Part 5. Manifest Inspired Goals Faster Using 4 Steps reveals manifesting secrets to help you realize your deepest goals sooner, including a powerful technique to help you use your Higher Mind to transform ideas into physical reality. This section will also help you have clarity about your life goals. Do you know what you really want and why? What does wealth mean to you? This section will help you get answers to important questions that people often overlook when they try to manifest!

Part 6. Keep Growing Your Power On the Warrior Spirit Path gives you empowering tips and shares more wisdom to help you to keep growing your inner power! This section provides guidance on how to avoid negativity in your day-to-day life. You can achieve more than goals themselves… you can become the spiritual warrior and discover how you have the power to change your life and make a difference in the world.

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