Wake Up to Your Power and Magnificence!

Wake Up to Your Power and Magnificence!Click Image To Visit SiteAnita Briggs, DCEd, MSc, DAc, MIMT is a spiritual healer, and founder of the IMTs. She facilitates deep emotional clearing, emancipation from the past, and embodiment of new spiritual faculties that supports the Spiritual Creation that is our future. She is currently training healers in IMT Level I.

Move your healing practice to a whole new level of power, and be transformed in the process! Join a growing community of practitioners who want to make a real difference in these challenging times! Read the website for details on the training program.

Through tenacious striving to embody the Christ impulse, Anita and Greg were led on a journey to confront the underbelly of evil on our planet, and in the process were initiated into powerful new-Adam templates (DNA codes) that capture a new covenant with God and bring the possibility for a higher order of being and future. All healing programs are now dedicated to helping others embody the new transformational templates. See the website for details.

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My work is wholly dedicated to embodying the highest potentials at this time.  We are not improving the old reality…we are not fixing what went wrong…we are transcending completely, and in the process we will be birthed in a new substance of tonal luminosity that is incorruptible.The website is in the process of being redone to reflect all the new material, but it takes time. If you want to jump right into transformation, look at the DNA repair, clearing, and activation program. And/or sign up for the transformational body purification program in January 2014 (see live events, below).

You can also begin with any one of the new audio programs–some are for healing distortion, others for inner mastery. There will be many more posted in the course of 2013-14! You will be absolutely amazed at the powers and treasures held within the body, including the powers of magic manifestation through the higher functioning endocrine system.

Foundational to awakening is clearing and activating the DNA. My work is focused on High Frequency Embodiment™ , and practical methods of reaching a higher order of being. The meridians must be cleared of all negative emotional memory, new chakras will then evolve,  the spine and pranic tube must merge through living masculine and feminine principles simultaneously, we may move to self-regeneration through resolving all duality and living polarities of life and death simultaneously, the endocrine system will then secrete the higher hormones that lead to greater potency and magic manifestation abilities from a state of emancipation from attachment to externals..All the Tools for profound self-transformation are accessible to us now.

There is a clear path at present to the new reality that may emerge in and around us, which represents the dawning of true Heart-centered creation as self-sovereign beings.  These times are unprecedented, and the most exciting to be incarnated… Read more…

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