The Bible of the Undying

The Bible of the UndyingClick Image To Visit SiteThe strangest book ever published! "I, Donald Conway Barrie, do swear upon my honour that everything in my book is true, not exaggerated, and not in any way a product of my imagination."

Physical immortality possible! Live perpetually in good health! Pain and suffering overcome! Live free from worry and poverty and failure!

Yes! It is possible to continue life in that body of yours endlessly, to be free of disease and all the ills of old age (Terminal destruction).

Yes! As fantastic as this sounds, as unbelievable, yet it CAN be true for SOME. The living cell is immortal as has been proven by Dr Alexis Carrel, the Nobel Prize winner, the famous scientist who worked on the artificial heart of Charles Lindbergh while he was at the Rockefeller Institute. He proved conclusively THAT THE LIVING CELL IS IMMORTAL.

A lifetime spent on in-depth research, trial and error, in experimentation and prayer by Dr Barrie, plus his actual death in a doctors office and his return to life, bringing back with him first hand experience of God-Power and how to use it to transform your present life and circumstances. Dr present book contains no profound philosophy, no plethora of words without meaning, no vagueness, no nonsense – just FACTS AND TECHNIQUES; methods by which YOU can avail yourself of this precious knowledge, immediately!

Fear of everything and anything can be removed from your mind now and forever. The ability to cure yourself of disease, poverty, failure, etc is YOURS NOW. The way to arm yourself against these evils, and protect those around you, your loved ones, your property – a power greater than the might of the atom bomb – is yours NOW.

"Death Can Be Avoided" ‘At this moment there are persons on this planet who have lived in the same physical bodies for THOUSANDS OF YEARS – persons who have not aged and have not died".

"But let me make this absolutely clear”, says Dr Barrie, "the fact of earthly agelessness is not a possibility for all humanity. Far from it people living forever is not in society’s interest. And apart from that, death is in the natural order of things: birth, maturity and death is nature’s inescapable cycle. Yet Nature can be cheated by the men and women who can suspend her laws."

“It took me years to pluck up the courage to write this." "I know that publishing it is going to cost me the respect of many people, and worse, some will think I have taken leave of my senses. But I, Dr Barrie, do swear upon my honour that everything in my book is true, not exaggerated, and not in any way the product of my imagination. I have even taken the unusual steps of having two psychologists test me, and who found me ‘normal’. I am not a liar, nor a wishful thinker. I do not hallucinate. I am healthy in mind and body, and approach life with a robust sense of humour. I… Read more…

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