Crystal Shapes and their Meaning

Crystal Shapes and their Meaning.

There are many kinds of stones, each with their unique properties. Some are full of energy, some can aid you seek clarity, while some even have the capability to expand our awareness and help us attune to our intuition. There are different kinds of crystals, and each one of them has their own special attribute, Let us discuss their special attributes for example, Rose Quartz it is said to be calming and sometimes referred to as the gem of gentle love. These meanings are just interpretations of the energy these crystals are carrying. Some may even consider crystals to be lively, fresh, and promote optimism to help reduce depression.

Besides the type of crystal its shape and size also affect its quality. Below is a list of shapes commonly used to classify them:


Single terminated wands- has a single point on one end and a rough or rounded edge on the other. Besides being used for jewelry, they are often used for healing, cleansing and meditation.

Chunks- has no notable facets and is used for enriching ambience or a rooms atmosphere, during mediation it is simply used through carrying it in your pocket.

Clusters- made up of groups of small crystals, which is naturally grown and joined together. Clusters are best for enhancing a living environment or workplace. Also they have the potential to cleanse, invigorate or calm an atmosphere.

Cut Crystals- are crystals that have been molded and polished into shapes such as pyramids, wands or spheres, which makes them more stunning and attractive. When well-cut this crystals ability and potential can be enhanced.

Tumblestone- small crystals,rocks or stones that have been tumbled over one another many times with increasing abrasive until the side becomes smooth and attractive. A lot of people prefer to keep one on their pockets and carry them the whole day, because it is believed to give you energy.