Shoulder Ebook: How To Treat and Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Ebook: How To Treat and Prevent Shoulder InjuriesClick Image To Visit SiteI wrote this shoulder ebook to help improve the lives of countless people who are suffering from shoulder pain and injury. Now you can have it too!

You may feel frustrated because of the long-term pain you have been experiencing in your shoulders due to frozen shoulder, impingement, rotator cuff tears, etc.

I have experienced this frustration first hand through countless numbers of my own clients who experienced rotator cuff tears, impingements, thoracic outlet syndrome, and just muscle weakness.

I’ve spent the past several months rehabilitating my own shoulder after a broken collarbone left the muscles tight and atrophied leading to shoulder myalgia or muscle pain.

" I used to be an avid tennis player, but for the past 10 years I have quit playing because of the pain in my shoulder. Since I started doing these Pilates-based stretching and stabilizing exercises my shoulder pain is gone and I am playing tennis again at 65 years of age!" — Margaret Nabilek

"Incorporating Pilates-based fundamentals into my regular strength training workouts has greatly improved my form and technique. It makes me more aware of how I move and breathe, helping me to protect my shoulders by using my muscles in the correct way." — Dave Lorimer, Age 60

"Through Pilates and many of these specific shoulder ebook exercises I have increased my posture and upper body strength through the shoulder stretching and stabilizing exercises. This has decreased the shoulder pain that I have felt for years when doing day to day activities like cooking and cleaning the house." — Sandy Rudich, Age 63

More and more people like yourself are coming to learn that surgery is not always the best solution for shoulder pain.

More often than not the issue can be addressed with proper stretching and shoulder strengthening exercises.

Even if you do go through surgery the pre and post rehab of the shoulder muscles using this exercise system will bring you back to normal functioning more quickly and with less chance of re-injury.

2. Common shoulder injuries or conditions that develop from overuse, under-use, and traumatic injury to the shoulder girdle.

3. Pictures and detailed descriptions of how to first gain range of motion back in the shoulder after injury, then exercises to stabilize and strengthen the shoulder girdle, and then finally how to strengthen the muscles that surround and protect the fragile shoulder complex.

Leave Shoulder Ebook and find more ways Pilates Exercises can benefit you and your shoulder by going here.

The exercises will take you from pain and weakness through a process of regaining your range of motion.

Then you will learn to stabilize the muscles that support the shoulder, and finally strengthen the all-important muscles of the shoulder including the rotator cuff muscles.

This exercises in this shoulder ebook, if followed in the order of progression: Stretch, Stabilize, Strengthen will take you from pain and atrophy to a healthy functioning shoulder so you can enjoy life again!

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