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Nopal Cactus The 5 Plus Reasons - The Nopal Cactus DoctorClick Image To Visit Site#2 Reason: Nopal reduces blood sugar in people who have elevated blood sugars and Type II Diabetes. 

The nutritional value of our food supply has diminished markedly since our grandparents and great-grandparents were children.

In 2002, the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article recommending that all adults take supplementary vitamins to help prevent chronic disease.

Do you know about the Nopal cactus plant, commonly known as the “prickly pear” cactus? Its health benefits are the subject of my book, “Nopal Cactus The 5 Plus Reasons”.

I am a Family Physician who has practiced medicine for nearly 25 years. I have been amazed by the clinical results that ensue when people consume vitamins and other quality nutritional supplements. Good nutrition, vitamins, ‘super fruits,’ and other supplements are now becoming vogue. People are beginning to understand the old adage, “You are what you eat!”  Over the years, I have seen dramatic changes in my patients’ lives when they start making good food choices, add some exercise, and add supplemental nutrients.  I encourage my patients to practice prevention, and to make the necessary changes in their lives to stay healthy. Your health truly is priceless! 

Whenever I find a product or nutraceutical that is obscure or unknown, I love to find out more. Recently, I heard about one that was new to me, but  has been consumed by people for thousands of years. The research is building rapidly. God has blessed us with such an abundance and diversity of consumables for nutrition, and it is my opinion that the Nopal cactus is one of His most beneficial.

The medicinal value of the Nopal cactus potentially surpasses many of the exotic “super fruits” that are so popular today.

It could help millions of people regain and/or maintain health and wellness, especially considering the medical issues we face in today’s world.  I am very impressed by the research that I have reviewed, and wrote the book to share this amazing information.

In the book I present the information in simple, easy to understand terms, so that everyone can understand the potential impact of this incredible nutrient on their health. 

I review the history, background, and legend of the Nopal cactus, and discuss the health benefits that you might expect when you begin to consume a quality Nopal cactus product from a trusted source.  The list alone should entice you to read further…it could literally change your health and your life. I provide other sources for you to reference in case you decide to pursue the subject and find out more. Lastly, I tie it all together for you, so click below to order so you can learn about this amazing health breakthrough today!! Read more…

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