My God, My Lyme

My God, My LymeClick Image To Visit SiteGiving people the resouces and HOPE they need for healing and how to live until they get there. Whether chronically ill with Lyme, already on your path to healing, or if you have conquered the mountain, this is for you.

"Living the way you do isn’t easy to jump into, but its healthier and I am NOT getting sick again. Thank you for all the information and guidance to living and surviving this thing."

What do you need to know to survive a loved one’s trial with LYME? How can you be a parent of a Lymie, how to be married to a Lyme, or how to be a friend and advocate to one? I cover all bases on how to live through this with someone fighting to heal and live.

I am a 41 year old married, mother of 2. I discovered I had LYME disease about 2 1/2 years ago when I crashed against a wall HARD. We had been fighting various illnesses and problems in the children since they were born, and finally discovered, after my diagnosis that both kids had Lyme too. Because my background is in communication and research, I documented this journey of physical, emotional and spiritual healing so it would help others acheive success.

A compilation of all three books together in one ebook for download. The spiritual and emotional healing journey, the tools to physically survive lyme and the help your family and friends need to stay in the battle with you.

This book contains the top survival techniques we used at our house to live thorugh the healing of LYME. Over the dozens of Lymies I’ve met through the past few years, there are common themed questions and areas that come up the most. I’ve done my best to document various methods of healing, helping, and surviving LYME disease.

"You are AMAZING. I read your book and its amazing. You’re my hero, like no joke. I hoe that one day, I can be as strong and as inspiring and positive as you." Caity B.

"This story needed to be told. There are many lives that can be affected and changed by the testimony of God in her life." Rose K.

"A new day dawning and realization – Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!! I can never repay you for your kindness, encouragement and prayers for my daughter with LYME." Joni B.

This book has got something important to say and work for God to do in it. Jance is a true Lyme Evangelist.

Mostly inspired as you are a mother and have children recovering. Your story appears to be like mine as far as passing it too children during pregnancy. I need to be inspired by your writing and research. Your story brings light…thanks. Read more…

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