Meet Mary Rivas

I want to introduce you to Mary Rivas.  She is the author of Warrior Spirit.  I asked her to tell you in her own words how she developed the Warrior Spirit and how it helped her.  You can check the authenticity of these comments from her own website

“Years ago, I worked as a vice president of a very successful investment company. I had worked hard to get where I was, and I was making pretty good money. But, over time I started to feel empty… I knew that there had to be more to life than the long hours at the job, a hectic life and three weeks of vacation a year. Things really did not feel right. I felt tired physically and emotionally. I was definitely in a rut.

I wanted to totally transform my life and experience a whole different lifestyle. For starters, I wanted to resign from my corporate job, have my own business doing what I loved, and be in a romantic relationship. I wanted big changes but I didn’t know how to make the leap! Time was passing, and I was still in the same place.

As time passed, things got so bad that I became pretty depressed. So many mornings it took all of my energy to just get out of bed. I used to wake up tired after sleeping all night. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, and I became a recluse. After work and on week ends, I locked myself up in my apartment and spent all my time alone reading personal growth and spiritual books. I reviewed all my notes from years of past shamanic workshops and retreats. I rewrote my life goals and started journaling all my insights.

I was on a mission to figure out why I wasn’t manifesting my deepest dreams despite all my efforts. A little voice kept telling me I would discover what was missing. And, I was relentless!

Perhaps you never felt as I did, but if you can connect with anything I went thru, you know how awful that can feel.

One early morning before sunrise, I deeply contemplated my plight with a sense of peace of mind. Once again, I reviewed all my old journals where I had written notes and insights about manifesting. I reflected deeply on what I had learned from shamans and other wisdom teachers about changing reality. As I was deep in thought revisiting everything that I could recollect about mind powers and ancient wisdom, it hit me. All of a sudden it became clear to me what I had been missing.

I had a revelation that changed the direction of my life.

I realized that though I had acquired tons of knowledge about manifesting, I hadn’t used my mind powers, and I had underestimated what ancient wisdom had taught me about energy. I had been mechanical in using the powerful knowledge that I had acquired. I had been going thru the motions like a robot, rather than using my inner power.

That morning, I made a decision to take action toward my deepest goals AND to do so with awareness—using the insights I had had in my revelation.

Within about half a year, my life transformed completely—and almost all at once. I resigned from my position in Los Angeles, met my beloved partner, moved out of the city, went to live on an island and started my first business—doing what I loved. Since then, many new paths have opened up that have been even MORE amazing.

Though I have a degree in psychology and have learned a lot about the mind from years of academic research… I discovered that ancient wisdom, specifically shamanism, holds the most powerful knowledge about mind powers. It teaches that we live in a web of energy and that to change our reality, we have to have enough energy—inner power.

Now, I am not saying that I don’t have obstacles or challenges in my life. Those are part of life. However, I have discovered that with sufficient inner power, we can manage life’s challenges much more effectively and with far less stress.

Please check the authenticity of these comments from her own website

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