Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical New Thought belief that “like attracts like,” that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively. According to the Law of Attraction, the phrase “I need more money” allows the subject to continue to “need more money”. If the subject wants to change this they would focus their thoughts on the goal (having more money) rather than the problem (needing more money). This might take the form of phrases such as “I will make more money” or “I will find a job that pays very well”.
In 2006, a film entitled The Secret (2006) based on the “Law of Attraction” was released and then developed into a book of the same title in 2007. The movie and book gained widespread attention in the media from Saturday Night Live to The Oprah Winfrey Show in the United States. The same year Esther and Jerry Hicks (who provided much of the original source material for The Secret) released The Law of Attraction, which was on the New York Times best seller list.

The Law of Attraction’s modern interpretation, as presented in The Secret, is that physical reality is a reflection of inner (subjective) reality, summarized in the quote from The Secret, “your thoughts and your feelings create your life.”

One of the stars of The Secret, Bob Procter, released an amazing follow up called “the 11 forgotten laws“. You can see some of the excerpts from the video HERE. It certainly helped us in our research.

How Does the Law of Attraction Relate to Manifestation?

Manifestation is the art (or science) of making things happen in this plane of existence or material world.  Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer often refer to the Field of Intent. If you place your desire or wish in the field of intent it will manifest in the material (real) world. For centuries sorcerers have practised real magick for healing, gain and enlightenment. They have done this through meditation and incantation, often with astonishing results. You may have read about the success gurus like Anthony Robbins and Robert Allen who achieve great success for themselves and others by creating goals and focusing on them every day. Visualizing each aspect in detail. This is a basic principle of manifestation but not the whole story.

How can you or I reach this magical field of intent without years of commitment and practice ?   How can we make our dreams become reality, our wishes come true, our desires manifest ?

We selected a number of successful people. Some were materially successful, some were great healers or motivators, some seemed to have amazing power over the opposite sex. Others were great artists and others had a successful marriage and family life. All the successful people had one thing in common. When they were focused and intent on their wish we saw similar brainwave patterns emerge again and again. It seemed that the ability to manifest has a reproducible and re-creatable brain pattern. We have been able to recreate this pattern using brainwave harmonics and binaural induction. This basic manifestation pattern is available HERE

Further research showed that the dominant pattern was similar but certain sub harmonics varied. There was a dominant sub harmonic for healing and a different one for manifesting material gain. There was yet another for sexual magnetism and another for psychic ability.In all we discovered 7 sets of sub-harmonics that influenced material gain, sexual magnetism, healing, love, artistic ability, psychic ability and spirituality. The 7 sets of sub-harmonics were superimposed on the basic manifestation pattern. It was found that combining the necessary sub harmonic with the dominant manifestation pattern, gave much faster and more consistent results than by using the dominant manifestation pattern alone.

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“The #1 Reason Why The Law Of Attraction, Visualization, Affirmations, Prayers And Other Manifestation Techniques DON’T Work For You…

…And The One Secret Key To Command The Full Powers Of The Universe To Fulfill Your Every Desires!”

Isn’t it frustrating when you’ve followed all the steps in “The Secret” – or applied all the Law of Attraction techniques you’ve ever known – but you’re still stuck in a rut?

You’ve visualized, recited your affirmations, said your prayers, ordered the universe, and performed almost all the manifestation rituals and routines imaginable… but nothing has worked!

Well guess what? It’s not your fault!

Many of the so-called Law of Attraction gurus and experts have left out a key component in the manifestation process. Or they only briefly discuss this secret key, but they don’t tell you exactly how it works.

So what is this key component? It’s…


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It’s belief that has gotten near-death patients to miraculously heal at the last minute… simply by touching a religious object and believing it will cure them!

How about those “lucky” people who have no special skill or talent but have become extremely rich and successful… because they believe in their own abilities!

I’ve used the power of belief in my own situations; and it has allowed me to attain my dream job and attract my soulmate… among many others.

But it wasn’t until I failed many times did I experience the power of belief. I thought that simply “thinking” and “feeling” what I want was enough. And boy, was I wrong!

Why Thoughts Or Feelings Are Useless Without Belief

Many of the Law of Attraction teachers say that every thought which goes through your mind goes out into the Universe to create a portion of your future reality. Others say it’s your emotions, and what you FEEL directs the course of events in your life.

But your thoughts and/or your feelings are NOT the central influences behind the Law of Attraction. Here’s why…

You can ‘think’ success all day long, day after day after day, for YEARS and not become a success. If you expect to fail, no amount of success thinking will fix it. Obviously, beliefs trump thoughts.

You can ‘feel’ as happy and as loving as you want, but if you don’t believe you’ll actually have a fulfilling and satisfying life, you won’t. Clearly, beliefs are more powerful than emotions.

So why do so many manifestation teachers focus on thoughts and/or emotions? Because when you believe these things make a difference, they do.

If your belief in affirmations isn’t strong, then saying millions of them won’t do anything for you! However, if you expect to see magic just because you utter a string of words, it may very well become reality.

Belief is the core ingredient that makes all other attraction techniques or methods work. More from HERE……

If Belief Is So Powerful, Why Aren’t Many People Using It?

It’s easy to say that you believe in something, but the actual process of believing is completely different.

And that’s where many Law of Attraction gurus fail. They tell you to believe; but they give you no clear-cut instructions or guidance on how to do it correctly, how to develop your positive beliefs and how to eliminate the negative ones.

Tell me… have you ever tried to convince yourself to believe in something that is not yet real or something that you’ve never experienced before? You know how difficult that can be.

You want to believe you’re super successful, extremely wealthy, incredibly famous and more… but your inner voice says otherwise! That inner critic is always ruining your chances of truly believing in anything you can accomplish.

It’s for this reason that I bought and researched many books and courses to know how to activate the power of belief at will, and how to unleash its full potential.

I was searching for something that provides solid, scientific proof of the power of belief and how to make it work every single time.

I was disappointed with a lot of them, as most offer no substantial explanation and instructions that clearly demonstrates how belief can be used effectively for massive success in life.

But after years of searching, I finally struck gold! I came upon an ebook that I consider the “Encyclopedia of Belief.”

The first time I read it, I was like, “Wow! If every person in the world knows this, then most problems will go away.” It was that powerful.

I was so impressed with the information being revealed that I collaborated with the creator and mind power expert, Alan Tutt, so I can get this “miraculous solution” in the hands of as many people as possible. More from HERE……

Fortunately, he gave me the sole license to spread the word about his masterpiece, which is fittingly called:

Choose To Believe

This ebook reveals the scientific evidence regarding the Power of Faith, outlines a step-by-step action plan to discover what you really believe (and why it may be very different from what you think you believe), and how to change limiting beliefs to support a more empowered life.

Choose To Believe reveals the answers to many of the world’s biggest problems. Poverty, sickness, discord, loneliness, depression, frustration, and ‘bad luck’ can all become distant memories.

This isn’t a book offering mystical mumbo-jumbo, nor should you think of it as a father patting you on the back and saying “Don’t worry, it’ll all be okay” without a definite plan for making it okay.

Yes, it CAN be “made all better,” and you can see your life transformed as if by magic; but you won’t have to “step out in faith” without a good, solid reason why.

More from HERE……

Inside this ebook, you will discover…

Why thoughts DO NOT create reality.
Why you’re not ALWAYS responsible for the things that happen to you.
Why we sometimes experience things that conflict with our surface beliefs.
Why some people use affirmations or visualizations and get the opposite of what they focus upon.
Why the connection between reality and the Power of Belief is not always obvious.
The role of the Placebo Effect in creating the life of your dreams.
How quantum irregularities become real magic.
What Science has to say about the Power of Faith.
How beliefs become ‘real world’ experience.
How to find and measure your true beliefs.
How to change what you believe and start enjoying life more!

Of course, understanding WHY things happen is not nearly as important as knowing HOW to change things as you desire. That’s why this unique ebook presents a powerful system for doing exactly this, and offers some unique tools, such as…

A simple way of organizing yourself so that you’re always taking the most effective action at any given moment.
How to change the beliefs of others, especially when their beliefs affect your experience.
A unique approach to doing affirmations based on concepts from conversational hypnosis.
A set of questions to discover hidden beliefs that may be standing in your way.
What to do after you change your beliefs – how to ensure the new beliefs ‘take hold’ and produce the results you expect.
How to instantly establish a strong belief in whatever you desire.

As you can see, “Choose To Believe” rips away ALL barriers to effectively using the Law of Attraction, and gives you EVERY tool you need. By the time you’re done reading this ebook, you will be able to:

Achieve any goal in 4 easy steps.
Instantly call forth a feeling of supreme confidence.
Develop a “lucky streak” that never ends.
Break free from invisible & rigid chains of belief.
Change what you believe with a simple decision to do so.
Accurately measure the strength of any belief.
Amplify the power of your affirmations.
Get immediate feedback on your progress.
Find supporting beliefs for any goal.
Harness the power of negative thinking to reveal limiting beliefs.
Gently guide others to believe as you do.
Adapt this knowledge to work in any situation.

Now Here’s The Most Exciting Part…

Alan Tutt has conducted two live workshops back in 2008 and 2011, where he thoroughly explains and demystifies all the important keypoints inside “Choose To Believe.”

He held nothing back as he described – in clear details – how to use each specific process to find and measure your beliefs, and then change them for good!

Alan has recorded them into a series of audios; and now, you can experience the power and excitement of attending his live workshops, at the comfort of your own home! Here’s what’s included…

Choose To Believe Audio Workshop #1 (2008)

Over 7 hours of material in all, with 7 separate sessions covering the various aspects of the Choose To Believe system.

Here’s what’s included:

Session 1: Around 80 minutes of foundational information that demonstrates why beliefs are the most powerful thing in creating your reality.

It gives the evidence proving that our beliefs are the cause of everything we experience in life.

Practical examples, religious messages, and scientific research are covered, all supporting the fact that reality is a direct reflection of what we believe it to be.

This session is important because it gives us a REASON to believe in our dreams, and makes the rest of the process much more effective. More from HERE……

Session 2: (Around 80 minutes) Goes into depth into the structure of our belief systems and how to use it to discover what you truly believe.

This session is where you discover why the connection between beliefs and reality isn’t always obvious, and where the “hidden” link is to be found. You’ll also learn how to measure the strength of any belief you want.

A list of 70 questions is presented for you to use in self-discovery using a belief scale, revealing your inner beliefs in many areas of life. More from HERE……

Session 3: (Around 65 minutes) Reveals how to use the “Belief Archeology” process to dig deep into your belief system, with 2 in-depth examples showing you EXACTLY how to find specific beliefs behind specific issues.

You’ll also learn how to use the same process to find both negative limiting beliefs and positive supporting beliefs to boost your motivation and optimism. You’ll discover a set of Master Beliefs, which can make everything in your life better. More from HERE……

Session 4: (Around 71 minutes) Covers the most taught techniques for changing beliefs and how to make sure you’re doing them correctly.

You’ll discover how to properly use visualization, affirmations, hypnosis and a little technique that many people don’t realize exists… with clear-cut examples and mistakes to avoid. More from HERE……

Session 5: (Around 47 minutes) Reveals the fastest, most powerful belief change techniques, including 2 powerful practice exercises in which you will literally feel your beliefs start to shift within 70 seconds.

This session also helps you create a belief that you are lucky and that everything is working out well for you. More from HERE……

Session 6: (Around 35 minutes) Talks about what to do AFTER you change your beliefs. How to watch for the manifestation of your desires. How to speed up results. How to handle resistance. How to build momentum. More from HERE……

Session 7: (Around 50 minutes) This is a bonus Q&A session where Alan answers 14 of the most burning questions about the power of belief and creating change in your life. Some of the questions answered include…

  • What if two people want opposite things? Is there any upper mind to decide?
  • How can I have abundance that is not at the expense of others or the Earth?
  • How do I make my desires manifest fast?
  • How do I keep doubt from entering my mind?
  • How can I banish negative thoughts permanently?
  • Why do we sabotage ourselves?
  • Can I influence other people in a positive way?

More from HERE……

Choose To Believe Audio Workshop #2 (2011)

This workshop presentation is tighter, focusing on the most critical information you need to start changing what you believe right away.

Although it covers some of the same information as the 2008 recordings, the alternate focus of this version gives you added insight into the nature of beliefs and the systems used to change them.

Here’s what’s included:

Session 1: Why Beliefs Matter. (Around 48 minutes) Covers the foundational information you need to understand before starting to work with your belief system.

In this version, the relationship between the various viewpoints is better explained. You’ll also learn why it doesn’t matter whether the “Law of Attraction” is real or not. More from HERE……

Session 2: Discover Your Beliefs. (Around 52 minutes) Provides you with all the tools you need to map out your belief system – uncovering both limiting beliefs and beliefs which will help you achieve your goals.

The Belief Archeology process has been updated to be much easier to use. More from HERE……

Session 3: Basic Belief Change Techniques. (Around 68 minutes) Covers affirmations, visualization, hypnosis and more!

Although the techniques taught in this session are the same as they were in the previous version, the descriptions make it easier to understand how these techniques work. More from HERE……

Session 4: Advanced Belief Change Techniques. (Around 39 minutes) Shows you how to effectively use – and attain quick and easy results with – “pacing and leading” affirmations, submodality modification, faith anchoring and subliminal suggestion.

The descriptions used in this version make the relationship between these advanced techniques and traditional techniques easy to understand. More from HERE……

Session 5: EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System. (Around 38 minutes) Describes a new option that did not exist when the original workshop recordings were produced.

This new option provides a way to eliminate all of the work involved in changing what you believe to support a life filled with success and happiness.

For many folks, the results produced with this new option are actually BETTER than what they could achieve on their own using the other techniques. More from HERE……

Session 6: Assisting the Manifestation Process. (Around 41 minutes) Describes what you can do after you’ve changed what you believe to speed up the manifestation process. More from HERE……

How Can The Choose To Believe System Change Your Life?

Throughout these sessions, you’ll gain valuable insight into the nature of belief and the role it plays in your life. Not only will you learn how to work with your beliefs, you’ll be able to practice doing it.

By the time you’re done with these sessions, you’ll be able to…

Respond to any situation with poise and confidence that helps you reshape your beliefs for maximum results.
Use this confidence to break free from invisible, but limiting chains of belief, and develop a lucky streak that never ends.
Get instant feedback on your progress, which can be quite surprising.
See for yourself just how quickly you can make dramatic and lasting changes to your belief system.
Know what beliefs you may need to change to support your desired objectives.
Very easily identify which beliefs have the greatest impact on your life.
Get the most from your efforts and never waste any time changing a belief that won’t do anything for you.
Use the same discovery process to identify beliefs that are already in support of your goals.

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