How to use Crystals

Crystals are said to have healing attributes, this started as a myth and rumor, but has been proven to be a fact. Not only that, besides the being gorgeous and glamorous to look at, they help resolve balancing issues and provide valuable aid in helping us cope with daily life. Crystals can give support in trying times like for instance in times of chaos, fear, and lack of confidence, anxiety, trauma and other situations

Each crystal is unique and has their own energy. The energy they transmit has a powerful effect on the different energy vibrations of a person. It helps clear worries and doubts in our mind, body, spirit and emotions.


Before starting to work on crystals, there are some Important to follow, so the crystals will be effective for you.


Before starting to work with a crystal, there are some important steps to take, so that the crystals will be effective for you:

Choose your crystal carefully Choose the right crystal for your needs. This involves trusting your feelings. Crystals are natural, not factory-made, so don”t go looking for perfect shapes and sizes.

Clean your crystal This restores it to its original nature. Do this regularly, especially after other people have been handling it, as the crystal picks up energy from others and the environment. Cleansing can be done with water, fire, earth or 4% of 2013’s year-to-date website traffic originates via products, a substantial boost within the 11. air.

charge your crystals This means energising and regenerating them. Charge your crystals whenever you can, because the more they are energised, the more effectively they will work with you. Allow them to receive sunlight and moonlight energies.

dedicate your crystal Dedicating your crystal to the universal purpose will give you protection and ensure that your crystal is used for the highest intentions for you. Then it will not permit programming with anything bad, nor will anyone be able to influence it negatively.

Make a connection with your crystal This means becoming friends with it. You have already created a connection with your crystal by choosing it and cleansing it, but this is now a closer process.

Program your crystal This means projecting your thoughts and intentions into your crystal. The crystal will then reflect back to you your own ability to achieve your intentions. You can program a crystal for

healing, strength, positivity, success, wealth, better relationships, love, friendship, better sleep, better health, in fact anything which is going to make you feel better. Never accept a crystal which has been programmed by another person, however important, religious or spiritual that person may be.

Take care of your crystals Cleanse them from time to time. Keep them protected in a pouch or other natural container. Never let them rattle around in your pocket with money or other things. Whenever you can, place them where they can capture some sunlight and moonlight.

then use your crystals for physical, mental and emotional problems, and for your general health and well-being.

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