Free Law of Attraction mp3

Today I want to share this with you, it’s BRAND NEW, a 20 minute audio mp3 called “Manifestation Power”:

Download your copy here


It’s a free meditation mp3 from Guided Mind, specifically designed to take you on a visual journey within your own mind to enhance your manifestation results.

It lasts around 20 minutes and it’s like “meditation made easy” as you are guided the whole time by your narrator; who stimulates your thoughts and leads you to visualize..

.. and when you manifest like this you are manifesting from your core, from your inner self, and you are putting your desires, manifestation wishes and intentions out into the world much more clearly and vibrantly – and it leads to much clearer and more accurate manifestations too.

Try it for yourself, it’s completely free:

Download your manifestation meditation mp3 here

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