Dream Programing Techniques

I wanted to tell you about a mind power research team that has made a ‘world first’ discovery… 

They have discovered how to attract luck, how to cure their mind and body while sleeping by pre-programing their dreams, how to attract new partners with the power of the mind …they even found out ways of beating the casinos! …Plus MUCH more…

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Mind Surge – The Consciousness Revolution – 

  • What force is required to change your psychic reality into a physical reality 
  • Plus the complete Dream programming technique revealed for free for the very first time – how to improve your life while sleeping 
  • How you can heal people across the world with the power of the mind in Remote Influencing (comes with a remote influencing exercise you can try) 
  • How matter and anti matter create our physical world 
  • An E-Prime exercise to increase your brain power 
  • What the dream world is made of, and how it is possible to have shared dreams 
  • Why our body appears to age 
  • and much more 

You’ll also get all this…

22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear Into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration

  • How to create effective affirmations to feel calm, centered and confident 
  • How to use journaling to explore inner blockages 
  • 3 Top Tips on how to connect with pure positive energy 
  • How to transcend overwhelming fear using The 3 Step Sedona method 
  • How to produce more Feel Good chemicals into your brain …naturally… 
  • 4 Powerful prayers and a wonderful meditation to soothe fearful thoughts 
  • How to release charged emotions through grounding 
  • 3 Simple ways to turn fear into gratitude 
  • How to use a Feel Good Trigger to instantly release fear and stress 
  • The Dale Carnegie technique, an Abraham/Hicks technique, and how to use them 
  • How to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to remove fear 
  • Free hypnosis script, free video and audio links, and much more 
  • PLUS 3 chapters that explain how fear affects our lives in so many ways 


The Garden of Enlightenment 

The Garden of Enlightenment combines brainwave entrainment that stimulates both sides of the brain at different frequencies until the last segments of the audio. During the last segments of this track, both hemispheres are brought into balance thereby promoting whole brain (balanced) functioning.

This track is designed to create a peaceful sense of well being while promoting higher brain functions. 


  • Secret psychic techniques revealed such as how to protect yourself by FREEZING people using hypnotic commands 
  • A lesson in Telekinesis  – How to move objects with your mind
  • A powerful NLP exercise for instant happiness…
  • Exclusive offers and more free gifts
  • …and much more… 

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