Does Crystal Healing Work


Way back the early ages, crystals were believed to have special kind of powers. As a matter of fact as I recall a lot of stories of crystals being used for crystal healing and other miraculous feats have been mentioned and recorded. It is also said that each unique kind of crystal has an internal structure, which causes it to resonate at different levels of frequencies and this so called resonance of a crystal is behind it`s unique effects and healing powers. Channeling and using these frequencies you can restore and stabilize the body’s energy system, stimulating the body’s natural healing powers.

This method called crystal therapy is an alternative healing that works to harmonize the mind, emotions, the mind and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negative vibes , lift depressions and to help us become a complete person. The crystal therapy begins with the placing of the crystals on specific points of the body to bring relief and comfort. An example of which is a crystal wand healing technique and crystal pendulum healing technique. Wearing a crystal or carrying one, is required throughout the process to resonate the physical condition and gently ameliorate the condition.

Take note there are different kinds of crystals, it is important to know which crystal be used for best results. For more information`s on choosing the right crystals for you, be updated and visit us often.

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