Cutting-Edge Natural Secrets For Healing Your Heart

Cutting-Edge Natural Secrets For Healing Your HeartClick Image To Visit SiteBEFORE you have any treatment or take any drug for your heart, you must read this startling new medical exposé!

"Do you know that eight out of every 10 coronary bypass surgeries are done on patients who likely WON’T benefit. What a RIP-OFF!

"Why such abuse? Because a coronary bypass graft costs more than $60,000—and that’s a quick way for a heart surgeon to get a new Mercedes or pay for his kid’s college tuition.

"But it’s time you knew the truth about today’s popular heart treatments—the truth that’s being suppressed… plus, discover new natural secrets for reversing heart disease such as…

If anybody should know about the failure of traditional heart treatments, it’s me. I started having heart problems in my 30s, and have had three heart attacks. Things got so bad, my doctors told me I’d die without bypass surgery.

I refused their "cut and poison" treatments because I knew their failure rate and you know what… I’ve outlived all of my doctors! The key? Knowing powerful natural heart cures and treatments you’ll read about in this Medical Briefing. I’ll tell you more about the treatments in a moment. But first, you need to know about the newest natural heart cures…

Plus, weekly breaking news updates and political commentary you won’t find in the mainstream media including…

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"Data from several clinical trials is clear: Bypasses and angioplasties don’t prolong life or prevent future heart attacks, except in a minority of patients with severe heart disease."

Did you know that every 34 seconds somebody dies of a heart attack in the U.S.? For 50 percent of heart attack victims there were no warning signs—the first symptom is death! And sadly, 1 million Americans die each year from hardening of the arteries.

Because of these statistics—and because I’ve seen the mountains of research and clinical trials proving heart problems can be relieved, even reversed, naturally—I’ve written a new Special Medical Briefing Report that finally gives you the real story on heart disease.

I’ve titled it: Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart. As you’re about to see, this exclusive report…

Heart Hoax No. 1: Coronary bypass surgery is your best option when your arteries are choked with plaque.

Coronary bypass surgery for atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is BIG business in America. Cardiologists do more than 400,000 bypasses a year, helping to fuel the $200 billion-a-year high–tech heart industry in this country.

A bypass surgery creates a detour or "bypass" around clogged, hardened arteries to restore blood flow to your heart using veins grafted from other parts of… Read more…

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