Crystals & Chakras

Crystals have a unique kind of energy that affects people in different ways. For us to know the different effects, we must first get acquainted of the special kind of energy these crystals are emitting.

By now a lot of people have probably heard about chakras and the special subtle energies. They are responsible in maintaining all of physical processes of the human body. That`s only half of the picture, these chakras also deal with subtle human energies in respect of their strength of vibration, not their frequency.

A study in chakras in details of their energies and where they came from, where they go, what are the different types, their channels, and to which part of the bodies organs they are connected. Research shows that one can study how they are distributed and how they travel. Most people have by now heard about the chakra system with its subtle energetic centres; these are responsible for the vitality and maintenance of all physical processes of the human body. However this is only half of the picture because the chakras only deal with subtle human energies in respect of their strength of vibration, not their frequency. A concrete example of how the cycle works is to imagine yourself being able to see the seven main chakras when looking at someone, but intertwining between them, travelling up and then returning, intertwining back down again is a special, constantly flowing energy channel. Now imagine that each chakra actually has another energy centre in the same ‘place’ – but on a different level of reality. Now take away the chakras altogether and you are left with seven energy centres with this interweaving channel going up and then back down again, perpetually. This is the Psychic Energy Structure; it is directly responsible for supplying ‘power’ to all forms of energy in our subtle system, and is like a ‘charging station’. The special channel that goes around the system contains what we have called Psychic Energy. Some people may also call it Kundalini; but as there are too many fixed stereotypes to that name, we prefer Psychic Energy. Although it is directly associated with psychic abilities, it also has the function of increasing the frequencies of human subtle energies within its seven centres. So now can consider the chakra system with the seven centres and there also is a psychic energy structure with its seven centres. All occupying the same location,but on different levels of our subtle reality. Until now, many people have believed that it is the chakras that are credited with the development of spiritual and psychic faculties, but this is actually something correctly associated to the Psychic Energy Structure and not chakras at all. The ‘activation of a chakra’ for a spiritual purpose is, therefore, a misnomer; it is actually the activation of a psy centre in the same place, instead.

So now you can consider that there is a chakra system with seven centres, and there is also the psychic energy structure with its seven centres too, both occupying the same location

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