Crystal Frequencies and Crystal Bowls

Information About Crystal Frequencies For Healing

Crystal frequencies for healing can be produced by certain singing bowls. Those bowls play a very big role in sound healing. This is where vibrations are used to achieve emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. There are several different bowls that are used for different purposes. They have been successfully used in healing of ailments ranging from stress to cancer. The bowls are able to vibrate at a certain frequency that resonates within a person, bringing about a state of balance and peace in him or her and the world around them.

Healing takes place in many levels. One way to enhance the process is through the use of music and sound. It is also known as vibrational medicine or vibrational healing. Unlike other remedies, it is able to work on all levels of the human being, which are body, mind and spirit.

This technique has been practiced for a very long time. Ancient cultures and civilizations used sound and music for restoration purposes and so as to bring a sense of togetherness within the community. Some good examples are the African drumming and Asian chanting.

The currently used bowls emanated from similar singing bowls that were used in ancient Tibet. They are thought to be made of crystal transistors or computer chips. Many therapists and health practitioners use this method to enhance restoration of their patients.

These bowls are made of different material. Quartz crystals are a good example. Silicon quartz crystal is used. The human cells also have silica. The reason why the bowls resonate with people is because they are played at a cellular level. The body in turn vibrates at the same frequency as the bowl. Each bowl possesses varied frequency and is labeled using a letter. They also have different frequency and harmonic resonance, which corresponds to a specific chakra.

They are normally played using a wooden stick, which has suede on the tip. The stick is pressed onto the outside part of the instrument in a circular way, so as to produce a vibration. One common use of such bowls is to clear energy blockages in the whole being.

During the restoration process, they are played to influence a certain chakra. This brings peace, balance and harmony in certain body parts, or relaxation and well-being in the whole of the body. The bowls can sometimes be used to clear a space or room for certain ritual practices. This is because the resonance enters in the space bringing about a sense of high vibration, peace and calm. In some special cases they can be programmed to achieve prosperity and planetary cure among many other goals.

This type of therapy has several benefits. It focuses on all levels of the body. Physically, it is used to remove any blockage in the body, reduce stress and pain and increase the feeling of relaxation and tranquility. In the mental level, it helps one clear their mind, increase confidence, concentration and the feelings of joy and hope. Spiritually, it is also used to align the body with nature and raise energetic vibration. All in all crystal frequencies for healing help people to lead healthy and balanced lives.

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